ACLS Cardiac Arrest

Pulseless Patients

Who do not respond to BLS or AED or defibrillator

Usually VF or pulseless VT or Asystole PEA


1st and most crucial step is high quality CPR





Shock as soon as defibrillator available

After 2 minutes CPR do rhytjm check

Do pulse check at the same time a rhytm is done

If VF VT shock

Epi 1mg every 3-5mins

two mins CPR do rhythm check

Do chest compressions while defibrillator is charging

VF pVt Use

AMIODORONE 300 MG Slows heart makes heart more amenable to defibrillation

Improves ratye of ROSC

Alternative is lidocaine relaxes Purkinje fibers decreasing automticity of muscle

Lidocaine alternative for amiodorone V fib

1mig per kig

1mg/kg IV push