The Liver is a  biological unit – 


 Links and Connections – The liver is connected to  rest of the body 

via arteries, veins, nerves, lymphatics, biliary ducts, endocrine system

Units to Unity

It assists in creating  the bigger unit   – the body,  by functioning as a processing and production site.

The liver is part of 

the gastrointestinal system

Dependence and Independence

It depends on the gastrointestinal tract to bring raw products, the arteries to bring oxygen,  the hepatic sinusoids of the portal system to transport raw products and remove metabolic products and waste, the venous system to transport all its products to the body.  The biliary system delivers other products to the bowel

The liver cannot function alone and requires centrally based innervation and hormonal signaling in addition to function within the body unit 

Time Growth and Aging – Embryological  highlights growth and aging highlights.


The liver space lies within the right upper quadrant


 Forces that relate to liver function include active transport , and osmotic forces


The most immediate interaction with its nearest neighbors Gastrointestinal tract via the portal circulation and biliary system

Arterial system via the hepatic artery

Venous system via the hepatic veins

While it …


States of Being  Health and Disease

Open to the toxins of the gastrointestinal tract – eg alcohol

During health …..