ACLS Review and Summary

Bradycardia   Atropine .5mg push  (every 3-5 mins) 3mg max and Dopamine 2-10mcg/kg/min/ transcutaneous pacing

Basic Life Support  100/min 2inches  30/2    1 breath /6secs Check every 2mins


Tachycardia Algorithm  >150


Stable Narrow Complex regular Adenosine 6 rapid 20ccs saline 12mg

Stable Narrow Complex Irregular Verapamil 5/5

Stable Wide Complex Regular T Tach Amiodorone 150/10mins

Monomorphic ventriculsr

Monomorphic SVT with Block



Acute Coronary Syndrome

Women Unusual Fatigue

ST elevation or new LBBB

Call In

10 minutes for assessment

30 minutes  CXR

90 minutes door to ballooon up time PCI

or Fibrinolytics within 30 minutes

St depression

heparin B blockers

Suspected Stroke





2/3   72%

3/3   87%

blood glucose

when last normal = Time zero

10 minutes to reassess in ER

60 minutes CT

Within 3 hours of Last Known Normal Fibrinolytics


Fibrinolytic Check List

remember hypertension 200/110

PEA Asystole

Epi 1mg 1:10000 and chest compressions

Cause Hypovolemia and Hypotension

Hypovolemia – Tachycardia

Hypoxia – Dying heart Slow Bradycardia

and T’s hypothermia, K+ , H+ Thrombosis PE

v Fib and V Tach and Asystole are not PEA – Because we do not expect a pulse with these rhythms